Supporting and promoting Green Passport destinations

The Green Passport scheme is an international initiative led by the United Nations Environment Programme aimed at creating exemplary destinations in terms of sustainable tourism.

This campaign, currently promoted in an array of countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador and South Africa, is positioned as an international programme for developing and promoting sustainable tourism destinations.

Betterfly Tourism has designed an online platform to support local authorities wishing to join this scheme. This online management solution comes with customised training and a methodology guide.

Straightforward, accessible and collaborative tools for local areas and authorities.


The methodological guide helps local authorities to develop and implement their sustainable tourism strategy in 4 key stages:
• Definition of the Green Passport strategy and vision
• Design and validation of an action plan
• Design and validation of a communication plan
• Coordination and monitoring of the project’s progress over time

The platform enables the various stages of the process to be defined and managed in an easily accessible online work tool.

Betterfly Tourism offers comprehensive training to local areas keen to join the Green Passport initiative. This training is a four-day course dedicated to strategy, defining the action plan and communication plan, and managing the process

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