Environmental footprint labels
for Tourist Accommodation

Measure, act and communicate effectively!


Optimise your impact effortlessly with the help of experts in the hotel & campsite industry, thanks to our software.

What is an environmental footprint label?


A map of your establishment’s environmental impact

A tool to rally and unite your teams around shared values

An operational action plan to reduce your costs and your environmental impact

An environmental label issued by Betterfly Tourism

A scheme supported and supervised by a number of partners, including federations, ADEME and the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition

What are the benefits for your business?


Reduce your operating costs by up to €2 per night

Reduce your environmental impact by up to 20% in 3 years

Draw up your Sustainable Business Plan to prioritise the most effective practices

Communicate and promote your commitment to your customers thanks to the easily identifiable environmental label

Promote your approach by displaying your environmental footprint label on online booking sites and over social media

Brands we have already been proud to help:


Choosing to display your Environmental Footprint Label means:

Understanding and improving your impact

Saving money and increasing your gross margin


Building customer loyalty and expanding your customer base


We’re here to help you with your environmental labelling initiative!

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